water protection

treatment, supply and conservation


About Us

MEK Earth and Environmental Inc. (MEK) is a registered Canadian consulting firm with headquarters in Surrey, in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area (Metro Vancouver Regional District) of British Columbia, Canada. The company is well-positioned to provide services on greenfield and brownfield projects. Additionally, it undertakes research in the water sector as well as provide retail services to firms and institutions in low- and middle-income countries.

The firm’s outstanding strengths include its ability to bring together the right size team, with the right combination of skillsets at the right place and time to successfully execute complex projects.  We have a wide network of multi-discipline experts in-country and abroad that are continuously called upon to craft practical and realistic solutions that are scientific-based and ensure success in project design and implementation.

Our goal is to provide high quality world-class services to our clients through either the direct execution of projects or the offering management consultancy services. We are continuously looking for independent professional consultants for exciting green- and brownfield projects in-country and abroad.


The MEK Group consists of a diversified team of experienced and proactive geoscience and environmental professionals, social scientists, and engineers with complimentary skillsets and the expertise and passion to deliver unsurpassed services. Our team members are accredited professionals with tremendous field experience acquired locally and abroad. Each of our five sector heads brings on board more than 30 years of professional experience. Professional experience of project key staff usually ranges from 20 to 40-plus years.

Our multi-cultural and diversified team of consultants has been successfully implementing projects to a broad range of clients in vertical industries in some of the most challenging work environments and terrain conditions worldwide. We pride ourselves on using current knowledge, cost-effective, and state-of-the-art approaches to deliver high-quality services to support green and brownfield projects for our valued clientele base.

Our consultants are quite comfortable working in virtual team environments with clients, other consulting firms and contractors.


MEK provides consultancy services in the water resources and environmental sectors to clients domestically and abroad. In western Canada, our services are mainly in the areas of water resources development and management as well as in environmental protection. Internationally, the company provides services in sub-Sahara Africa, the Caribbean states, and the Asia Pacific region, where the demand for potable water and environmental protection has been rising steadily. A major component of our service delivery is transferring current technology and skillsets to our beneficiaries through capacity enhancement programs. Additionally, the firm offers retailing services in the supply of water and environmental equipment to customers abroad.

Specifically, our areas of service delivery include geospatial studies, hydrogeological studies, water resources modelling, geotechnical investigations, groundwater geophysics, environmental site assessments and impact studies, and the development of water resources and environmental monitoring systems and software.

We are interested in strategic alliance opportunities with other consulting firms and institutions (universities, research institutions, etc.), non-governmental organizations, and individuals with mutual business and professional interests.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees and the public is a paramount consideration in all that we do. As such, applicable codes, guidelines and standards, and essential legislative requirements are incorporated into our project design and implementation. This includes ensuring that all staff acquire the relevant knowledge and skillsets in health, safety, and environmental practices and are able to identify potential hazards in a timely fashion and eliminate them from the workplace. In line with this, MEK ensures that all staff members participate in all mandated regulatory health and safety courses and training programs. Additionally, MEK provides regular refresher courses and disseminate all new occupational health and safety information to our staff.

Further, our staff are provided with the personal protective equipment required for each job, and MEK ensures that this equipment is always worn properly at each site and used for the intended purpose.

Regular sessions are held with our staff to discuss “near miss” incidents and to formulate steps to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. This entails accessing the impacts of our activities, refining our procedures, and providing additional training when required.


Our Vision

To be recognized as premier consulting firm in the water and environmental sectors worldwide.

Mission Statement

Implement world-class, sustainable programs in the water resources and environmental sectors worldwide at optimal cost and in the process enhance the technical and managerial capabilities of our beneficiaries.


  • Transparency and honesty with our clients to earn their confidence;
  • Maintaining the highest level of ethical and professional standards; and
  • High-quality service delivery to ensure our clients’ full satisfaction.

Our pledge to customers is:

We recognize your concerns related to quality and cost with respect to the work to be undertaken. We are aware that we are working for our customers’ hard-earned money. Thus, we are dedicated to supporting communities, businesses, and other organizations to find—and where feasible, given the needs—minimize the costs associated with our projects. In addition, we endeavour to deliver our agreed-upon results within the established price and schedule without compromising on quality.