water protection

treatment, supply and conservation



Case History – Management Consultancy Service – Addendum

As part of our management consultancy services, MEK staff have participated in and helped assessed and identified shortcomings in service delivery negatively impacting the effective development and performance of institutions and organization engaged in the development and management of groundwater resources in developing countries. In particular, we have assisted these institutions in developing effective groundwater exploration protocols that have resulted in higher water well drilling success rates and prolific water wells at reduced costs to their clients (Figure 1). In addition, we have reviewed and helped numerous institutions and organizations to develop or upgrade their groundwater sampling protocols for laboratory analysis to ensure that water quality results representative of water in the aquifer (groundwater producing rock formation) system. Our staff have also been successful in identifying the main shortfalls impeding the successful development and management of groundwater resources in village communities, and have come out with unique solutions tailored in accordance with their peculiar situations to help the participating institutions ensure the longevity of water points constructed in these communities.


Sin título-1Figure 1. A typical workshop in Ghana, facilitated by MEK staff on the use of GIS tools and satellite imageries to enhance the delineation of prolific aquifer systems in fractured rock terrains.

MEK is well positioned to provide management consultancy services to clients in the following areas:

  1. Developing effective strategies for groundwater explorations and development;
  2. Provide training in high-capacity well design and construction to ensure system longevity and reduced operational costs;
  3. Design, installation and management of groundwater monitoring systems at commercial,  mining, mid- and upstream oil and gas facilities; and
  4. Long –term groundwater quality data analysis and interpretation.