Equipment Sale

Working with our associates in Canada and abroad, MEK provides retail services in the sale of geophysical equipment and water and wastewater treatment systems.

Geophysical Equipment

MEK will assist you with your equipment requirements for electromagnetic, electrical resistivity, and seismic surveys. Additionally we are able to assist you with your requirements for utility locators and global positioning systems among others.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Units

MEK, while working with its associates, will help you address your water and wastewater treatment problems through the provision of the appropriate treatment plants and disinfection units. In particular, we are well-positioned to help you address high salt, iron and chloride contents in otherwise potable water for human consumption.

We have easy access to a range of water pumps and drilling systems to meet your water treatment requirements. These plants and systems are well-priced and designed to withstand rugged terrain and environmental conditions in the remotest parts of the world.

Upon request, MEK will provide you with the full range of equipment and plants that could effectively address your concern..