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Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees and the public is a paramount consideration in all that we do. As such, applicable codes, guidelines and standards, and essential legislative requirements are incorporated into our project design and implementation. This includes ensuring that all staff acquire the relevant knowledge and skill set in Health, Safety and Environmental practices and are able to identify potential hazards and eliminate them in the workplace in a timely manner. In line with this, MEK offers and ensures that all staff partake in all mandated regulatory Health and Safety courses and training programs. Additionally MEK provides regular refresher courses to all its staff as may be required, and also disseminates new occupational health and safety information among its staff. Specifically we ensure our staff receive the following trainings when required for the safe performance of their duties:

  • Defensive driving
  • Ground disturbance level II
  • H2S Alive
  • Standard first aid and CPR  Level II
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (TDG)
  • Workplace hazardous material information system (WHMIS)

Our staff is provided with the required personal protective equipment required for each job and MEK ensures that equipment is properly worn at all times at each site and used for the intended purpose.

Regular sessions are held by our staff on our premises to discuss “near miss” incidences and to formulate steps to prevent these incidences from occurring in the future. This entails accessing the impacts of our activities and refining our procedures and providing additional training when required.