Research Case Study – Obtaining higher well yields in hydrogeologically difficult terrains

Groundwater resources remain a major source of water supply particularly in sub-Sahara Africa, the Caribbean and South East Asia. MEK has teamed out with a number of tertiary and research institutions to conduct top-notch research abroad that will improve the sustainable management of these invaluable resources. MEK and its associates are particularly interested in conducting research in the broad area of groundwater resource development and sustainable management and will work with government and research institutions, private entities and communities in Canada and abroad to find solutions that will improve the sustainable management of these water resources. Research areas of interest to MEK include:

  1. Mapping and classifying groundwater resources;
  2. Means and ways of protecting groundwater resources from becoming contaminants originating from anthropogenic activities and otherwise;
  3. Development of Integrated Water Resources Management Plans;
  4. Mapping and development of regional and local groundwater quality of various groundwater regimes and specifically determining major challenges, if any, in utilizing and managing these aquifers or water resources;
  5. Establishing trends between groundwater quality and health;
  6. Impacts of changing climatic conditions on local and regional aquifer systems and therefore on long-term land usage;
  7. Investigating new products/techniques for removing dissolved inorganics contaminants from small and large scale drinking water systems; and
  8. Development of comprehensive and integrated database for the management of surface and groundwater resources.

The MEK team has to date researched and developed two patents for the removal of arsenic and selenium from industrial waste effluents and for the removal of dissolved contaminants from drinking water. Through research, our team has made great strides into the field of remediation and has developed appropriate remediation technologies to solve mining related effluent waste discharge such as cyanide contaminated tailing slurry and solutions; providing solutions to treat arsenic trioxide solid waste and address acid rock drainage menace at a number of mining sites.

Working in consultation with our clients and associates including research institutions in Canada, MEK will articulate the research problem and objectives that will ultimately culminate into sound and robust research plans and proposals to form the basis for attracting research funds from major research funding institutions and donors.