water protection

treatment, supply and conservation



MEK Earth & Environmental Inc.’s staff have over the past 25 years been engaged in the provision of a broad range of services in the water and environmental sectors both domestically and internationally.

Our integrated approach to service delivery by our accredited and well experienced professionals has enabled us to provide first class services in the groundwater, environmental and geotechnical sectors under varied environmental settings.

Working with our associates in Canada and abroad, we are able to conduct tailored researches in specific areas to address seemingly impossible water issues that hampers the effective development and usage of surface and groundwater resources. In particular, and conjunctively, we have been able to cost-effectively develop otherwise unusable iron and chloride enriched groundwater resources for community usage in some of the dire water stressed communities in the developing countries.

One of MEK’s priorities is to close the technological gap between the developed and developing countries and towards this end we have provided on-the-job training and conducted specialised formal trainings sessions to a broad range of service recipients whenever feasible.