Our Vision

To be a recognized international Canadian company that delivers world class service in the geoscience and environmental sectors domestically and internationally, and in the process bridges the technological gap between developing and developed countries


“World-class safety and project control standards”


Greenfield Projects

The MEK hydrogeologists and water specialists have conducted detailed hydrogeological studies in different types of geological terrains worldwide. These studies will usually commence with a comprehensive review of technical literature through the collection, collation and analyses of published and unpublished literature and data availed to our staff.

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Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Relief

Humanitarian Assistance & Emergency Relief

Our staff have been engaged in humanitarian assistance and emergency relief interventions in the developing countries for more than 25 years now. Our focus has been mainly in the provision of clean water, mostly through the development of groundwater and surface water resources and the promotions of good hygiene and environmental sanitation practices in rural and peri-urban communities and refugee camps.

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Teamed Up with Tertiary and Research Institutions

Groundwater resources remain a major source of water supply particularly in sub-Sahara Africa, the Caribbean and South East Asia. MEK has teamed out with a number of tertiary and research institutions to conduct top-notch research abroad that will improve the sustainable management of these invaluable resources. MEK and its associates are particularly interested…

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Health and Safety Policy

The health and safety of our employees and the public is a paramount consideration in all that we do. As such applicable codes, guidelines and standards and essential legislative requirements are incorporated into our project design and implementation.

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More About MEK

We recognize the concern for quality and cost with respect to the work being undertaken. We are aware that we are working for customers’ hard-earned money. Thus, we are dedicated to supporting communities, businesses and…

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